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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  December 28, 2015 12:30am-1:00am EST

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time to get your jolly on. it is christmas "right this minute." an airman is home for the holidays about to surprise his ever. >> see why the moment she has her arms around him, she is not letting go. >> we all know santa is a nice guy. did you know? he is a bit of a dare devil. the secret to getting to the hard to reach places. what happens if you ask kids if they were naughty this year? >> i don't think so. >> liar, liar. >> how hooking them to the lie detector yields some surprises. >> what did you do that you are thinking about now? >> i accidentally pushed my friend down the stairs. >> what?
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christmas, my true love gave to me. >> victoria's secret models take a whack at a holiday classic. in their defense. >> lots of people that don't look like them can't sing either. >> why this year the angels have more than earned their -- >> golden eggs. >> you know what this does to me? >> you know what this does to me? >> we have the best christmas present you can receive is your christmas presents. take it from me, specially with this. >> literally, this surprise videos of people coming home after being abroad for way, way too long. in this first, jason has just fin herbed tech school and decided to go and surprise his girlfriend at college, megan. they are at the table. wait until you see them. >> oh, i can't handle this. this is too much for my heart. >> isn't it just adorable. >> she is not letting go.
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best surprise that when you surprise mom. she was down, heard her son is not going to be home for christmas but, then -- >> out of nowhere, tyler comes out and surprises mom and then it is just same as you always expected. >> let's hope there are many people across the country and the world that have similar christmas presents to get excited about. >> every year, santa does the impossible and gets around the world with his magical slay, reindeer. how does he get to those really hard to get places, the more remote places. he uses an extreme method just like this. in france, from last year, santa is reviewing something.
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he inflates his para sail on skis and riding tandem with the action cam on a stick. a couple of gopros on the helmet. gets up to altitude. look at how natural santa does in this environment. >> that's what he does. he is flying through the air anyway. >> now, he spots the house that he needs to deliver this package to. >> oh, christmas is ruined, nick. it is awe your fault. >> not the aall. santa has a parachute. he b.a.s.e. jumps from this para glider. >> he could. >> he is magical enough to do that. instead, no. he takes the parachute and gently glides down over this beautiful frenchtown and makes a perfect landing. >> this year, santa is switching things up a little bit.
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of kids as to whether they have been gnawty or nice this year. he is strapping them to a lie detector test. >> look at this serious interrogation. >> it was put together by the guys over at distracktify moving pictures. >> have you been naughty or nice this year? >> nice. >> lie. >> very difficult to quantify. >> i played too many games. like gta-5. >> santa didn't bring you gta-5. >> got my minigun. >> what did you do that you are thinking about right now? >> i accidentally pushed my friends down the stairs. >> i accidentally committed murder. >> what do you want for christmas? >> a remote control monster truck. >> a remote control monster truck. >> how much do you want it? >> like 30,000.
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>> monster truck. >> you could have world peace if you had a monster truck. >> world peace, because the next thing you know, world war iii is going to happen nd athen i can't have my present. >> do you lie to your parents? >> barely. ask my parents. i don't lie to my parents. >> what's your favorite thing about christmas? >> presents. >> who gives better presents, mommy or daddy? >> i don't know. they both give the best presents ever. >> if that's the case, they got a candy cane with their very questionable lie detector results? >> because you have been a very good boy, i guarantee you are going to get presents this year. you barely lied. so this is for you. >> christmas, the gift we all want under the tree unless you end up under the tree. this husband and wife, they are
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you see the husband in this video leaves the room. the wife is busting. sounds like these cats are getting into a little bit of mischief. she shoos them and they come scurrying and with that scurry comes this. >> that husband comes skidding into the room in his socks. >> in his socks and his boxers. oh, oecht, oh, oh, oh, baby, baby. he comes to the rescue and he says in this video, everybody is okay. it is funny. you can laugh. >> what a good husband. you guys trust me? >> no. >> still working on that. >> this little girl trusts her daddy and they are going to play trust. trust ball game. so, avery, you are going to close your eyes and you are going to fall and you are going
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>> ready, set, go. >> do i laugh about that? if i laugh. >> real or fake about this video. i don't care. it cracked me up. >> that is comedy genius. >> no ugly sweater. no problem. >> just draw that sucker on. >> see the artsy look that's sure to be a holiday party hit. >> look at that, she even made it short. prankster, andrew hails to make christmas carols awkward. joy to the world . >> he has the singing thing good. >> why his skills are not
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still looking for an ugly sweater for your ugly sweater party and they are all out everywhere. no worries, just dra you that on. judy steel is an or matt tift. we have had her on the show before. this is her rendition of an ugly sweater combo, which is pretty darn good as usual. >> so awesome, man. >> this is so cool. i'm afraid that somebody who lives in a place really cold is going to do this and go to a party and end up outside frozen. >> look at that. she even made it short. i would love to do this. i would have to shave first. >> can the ladies do this? >> yes, they can. >> half the viewers watching will say, absolutely. >> that's really well done. >> maybe my hair could work to my advantage. it would make it be like i was working it to my advantage.
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sweater. you have to win the ugly sweater party if you do this. >> i am offering up my body as your next candidate, judy. >> she doesn't want it. have you seen that before? >> show us. i'll tell you. >> i'm offering her a challenge. she is a true artist if she can paint on a harry potato. merry christmas. technique. >> time for some "right this minute" holiday youtube association. one i am going to give you. all i want for christmas >> andrew hale likes to go up and be weird to people. it is the season. it is christmas.
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>> please tell me somebody sees that. >> no. >> thanks, man. >> this is the entire premise. he is pretending like he wants to test that. he wants to go up and sing some songs to people and then he just destroys it. >> joy to the world. >> he has that. did you hear that? so this is christmas >> stop. >> come on. i've been working on my vocals. >> these two are like deers caught in the headlights. christmas oh, holy night >> i will just disappear or he will just disappear. >> the whole thing continues just like this. we will put it up on our website for you guys to enjoy. >>en >> an extra present.
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hit the tv show or mobile. >> we have seen a lot of cat rescue videos on this show. cats signify irresistible including the christmas tree. there will be a tree rescue. uri, the cat, loves to climb the christmas tree. >> look at the dogs, kind of walk past. >> amused. >> let's just hope the cat doesn't leave any presents underneath the tree. >> i don't think so. i think this is a trained kitty. uri is a good kitty. >> oh, my goodness. there was a dramatic cat rescue. >> a bloody tiger.
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>> it sees a star and is mesmerized. >> i think maybe it has seen peter pan and thinking -- >> i thought it was mistletoe and the cat was just looking for some action. >> cats like to play with stuff like that. that cat is like, it is just out of reach. i have been denied. >> that kid, special brownie points. per version version of a christmas classic is now youtube gold. >> now, meet the personal trainer getting a work-out outside the gym. chuck from the bronx has a special holiday challenge. >> i have some raw liver over here. >> it is disgusting. here we go. why he may have bitten off more
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one day it appears. is that a dark spot? new gold bond dark spot
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targeted treatment: results begin in 4 weeks. gold bond. you can save over 500 bucks when you switch to progressive. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... standing by for fun. >> that's a familiar sound for anybody that lives near an old church that has a carol-on. this is the historic st. andrews church in sydney, nova scotia, canada. two years ago, they asked somebody to play that carol-on and let me show you who that is. >> that is not what i was expecting to see. i imagined it was a big, giant robe. >> this is glenda watt and two years ago when they
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asked her to come and play. she learned how to play when she was 12 but she says cheerleading and life got in the way. her uncle and brother played and when they called her in, she liked they liked it. two years later, people invited her to come in and play. so she does play frequently. her friends started asking her, why don't you put the video on the internet. we want to see what it is like. she might get 20 or 30 views. it is the christmas season. she put up this video of "angels we have heard on high." it has had nearly 2 million views online. >> it is just so fascinating. i didn't know what a carol-on was. i never put together how they do it. >> let's go to skype "right this minute" and talk to glenda watt. welcome to the show. >> happy to be here. >> when did you start picking this up again, two years ago or a little bit before that? >> just about two years ago.
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discussed maybe having me come in during the season and playing regular tunes but keeping it at christmas makes it a little more special. >> is it as much a work-out as it looks? you skip arm day on the day you play? >> it is a work-out. more so because it is a really old set. it is in horrible disrepair. so i have to pull one up while i'm pushing another one down but it is just fun. i would do it for fun. when i get up there and i start playing, i don't even realize that there are people out there until i come outside or go home and check my e-mail and i have messages from people i have never met telling me that i have touched their heart and made them remember their grandmother or grandfather who had passed and enjoyed the particular tune or who likes the bells. i sit there in tears. it's heart warming.
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ho-ho-ho. chuck from the bronx is back with christmas inspiration. >> hey, what's up there? chuck from the bronx again. today, in a holiday special. >> this challenge is all based on the holiday classic, "trading places." >> yeah. >> seen in particular where akroyd stumbles on to the bus as a busted-up santa, flops down and pulls out a piece of meat from his beard. >> and he starts eating on the bus. >> chuck is going to do the same thing, chuck this big old 40 of beard through the santa beard. >> that's not just any old 40. that's colt .45. >> once he has gotten the beer down, just like akroyd did, he pulls out. >> i've got some raw liver over here. >> come on.
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here we go. >> i'm so glad that blended in with the color of his beard. >> the challenge isn't over yet. >> no, no, no. the funny part is, it is not the beer or the raw liver that's giving him fits. it's the hairs. >> oh, oh! >> come on. >> takes off that puke-soaked, beer-soaked beard and goes on with the challenge. >> i can't, i can't, i can't. >> it is like a sprinkler. >> gone for a while. this is one heck of a way to come back. >> he has had some health problems. he has made a triumphant return. >> that's it. i'm done. >> i wouldn't trade places for him for anything. >> merry christmas! the angels are celebrating christmas with a holiday classic. >> on the first day of the christmas, my true love gave to me.
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ute it, mute it. >> why victoria's secret clearly
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christmas christmas my true love gave to me >> they are models. that's what they do. that's what they are good at. singing, not so much. >> you be pretty, baby. >> there is one thing we are good for, apparently. >> go and put your underwear on. >> in their defense, lots of people that don't look like them can't sing either. >> they don't make videos. >> you know what this does to me.
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me. five golden rings >> to people that are musically inclined, got that. >> five golden rings. >> about halfway through the song, they start making fun of themselves. they can't sing so they start cheeking it up a little bit. on the 12 day of christmas my true love -- >> 15-year-old boys have just discovered their favorite christmas tune. six lovely ladies nine naughty night it ies >> they have a great sense of humor. >> have a happy holiday from victoria's secret. >> have a merry christmas, everyone! catch us on the next "right this
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